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McGregor Clan Club

Annual Membership Benefits

Clubs process in January, February, March, May, July, September, & November. Additional benefits include:

  • Two bottles of McGregor wine every other month, including our very best wines like Black Russian Red, limited releases & reserve wines.
  • Wines ship two bottles at a time, every other month.  A pick-up option is available as well.
  • 25% off additional purchases of the featured current club wines
  • Additional discounts on everyday wine purchases
    • ​10% off retail price on wine purchases
    • 15% off 6 bottle orders
    • 20% off 12 bottle orders
  • Invitations to special events held at the winery, including the legendary Clan Club Picnic as well as Red and White Wine Barrel Tastings.
  • Access to unreleased and limited release wines
  • Free wine tastings for you & 4 guests


A special note to our annual members

You may have noticed your annually-renewed membership looks a little bit different from that of your friends who have more recently joined the McGregor Clan Club. We no longer offer new annual membership signups - but we have preserved your annual membership and will continue in the same way for the forseeable future.

However, you may be interested in switching your membership to the new club membership format if you:

  • Have particular wine tastes, such as a preference for reds, dry wines, or reserve wines
  • Are familiar with McGregor wines and know what you like
  • Would like to add extra club-discounted wine on to your bimonthly club shipments
  • Like being able to spread membership cost over the course of the year
  • Prefer the flexibility of choice.

What happens if you decide to switch your annual club to a subscription club? 

  • There is no annual fee - as long as you keep your wine "subscription" going you receive full membership benefits.
  • We send you a gift certificuate - pro-rated to cover the remaining time on your annual membership, and then your new subscription club is activated. You could also ask us to do this for you automatically at the end of your current membership year.
  • A few weeks before each club shipment you will receive an email that announces the next club shipment. You'll click the link to head to your membership page and check out the wine options. By default there will be two bottles of wine, and 5-8 possible substitutions. You pick any number from these wines that you'd like! You'll always find a good variety there to choose from. You review your wine, shipping, and billing preferences and click submit... that's it!

The cost of membership is based on the price of the wines you choose. Your card will be billed for the wines you submit -  with a 25% discount - every 2 months. Any substitutions or additions to your two bottle club package those will all receive the 25% discount at that time.

If you have your wines shipped, it is $12 flat per shipment - regardless of how many bottles you pick for your club pack. (Shippng to the Eastern US is $12, Western US club pack shipping is $15) Of course you can elect to pick up your wines at no extra charge, and can change your pickup/ship preference as often as you need.

This new club has been very popular, and people have using the new format in some surprising ways. A lot of our members who only drink red wine have been very happy with the choices, as this is still the best way to taste some of our most limited availability wines, and preview unreleased wines as well.

Others have been using the flat shipping and 25% off these wine options to work on building their cellar and make sure they have everyday dinner wine on hand. And others still have decided to create a club pack of 12 bottles of the same wine - it's all up to you!

If you have questions or interest in switching to the subscription club, feel free to call Dan at (800) 272-0192 or shoot an email to