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Dan Jimerson
September 25, 2019 | Dan Jimerson

5 Reasons today is the day to join the McGregor Clan Club

You can customize your Club Pack and receive it right away

Offering a choice is so important to me - a wine club should be fun and easy to navigate. It should enhance your life and reflect your personality, right?

When you join our wine club, you have options and flexibility. For each bi-monthly club shipment we feature two bottles of our best wine, which you can accept - or you can choose substitutions from our list of red, white, dry, and even some sweeter substitutions and older vintages. Check it out here!

You aren't limited to just two bottles, you'll find that club shipment time is the best time to add a few extras to save on shipping and to take advantage of some of our best discounts on wine. Once you join and submit your first set of wines, we will ship as soon as possible or prepare for pickup immediately. Our club newsletters also come with each shipment, which you can browse here.

Our current members are already enjoying their September offerings - and you can too if you pick out your wines and join today.

Free wine tasting

We offer free wine tasting & snack plates for your group of up to 6 (2 members / 4 guests) any time you visit. Our club packs also often feature unreleased wines that you as a member can taste before taking them home. Our staff will make sure you and your guests taste the wines that suit your unique palate.

Year 'round events

Members are the first to know about our upcoming events! Many events are exclusive to members & their guests only like our Red Wine Barrel Tasting and annual Clan Club Picnic, while some are open to everybody such as our White Wine Barrel Tasting, Summer Live Music Saturdays, and our Black Russian Red Bash in March. Last year's Black Russian Red Dinner completely sold out right after it was announced to club members.

Our Red Wine Barrel Tasting tickets are on sale to members now - learn more about this educational tasting event, sign up for the club online, and then get your tickets.

Member Discounts

Along with frequent club member wine specials, we offer increased everyday wine quantity discounts to our members. 

  • 🍷 10% Discount on all wine purchases
  • 🍷 15% discount on 6+ bottle purchases
  • 🍷 20% discount on 12+ bottle purchases

Additional purchases of the currently featured club wines are offered at 25% off - which as we speak are our 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2018 Semi-Dry Riesling. Member-only wine discounts and shipping specials are offerent at various times throughout the year as well. Look for event discounts too, like 30% off wines purchased out our White Wine Preview Tasting and Red Wine Barrel Tasting.

Wine Club pickup parties

We've been having a lot of fun with our pickup parties! At the release of each club pack we throw a pickup party so that you can visit to pick up your latest wine, sample the latest releases, enjoy live music, and hang out with the McGregor team and fellow club members. A lot of our members have been with us for years, decades even - you might just learn something interesting.

There is no minimum requirement, you can join or cancel anytime - click below to learn more.

The McGregor Clan Club »

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John McGregor
July 24, 2019 | John McGregor

Recent 90+ Wine Scores from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

Wine reviewer Mark Squires covers the Finger Lakes Region for Robert Parker's Wine Advocate and just published an article titled “USA, East Coast: The Finger Lakes – America’s Best Wine Region Beyond the West Coast.” Mark visited the winery earlier this spring. We had some wonderful conversation and it’s clear from these scores, he enjoyed the wines too. 

In particular, the Wine Advocate had high praise for our 2017 Semi-Dry Riesling:

"The 2017 Semi-Dry Riesling has 20 grams per liter of residual sugar, 8.1 of total acidity and 12.1% alcohol. This is actually drier than the Riesling just called "Riesling." It handles the sugar brilliantly, the acidity slicing and dicing it. It can easily still be a table wine. There might be a hint of petrol in the background, but a slight hint. This has depth, power and impeccable balance. Right at the moment, this is rather stunning for the price point. Hopefully, it evolves well too. There are over 345 cases available—it's a productive vintage. You might want your name on one. It will hold well and there will be no rush to drink it."

Here are the scores from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate Issue 243 | End of June


2017 Saperavi | 90 
2015 Black Russian Red | 91
2014 Black Russian Red | 89+
2013 Black Russian Red | 90
2013 Black Russian Red 36 Month Barrel Reserve | 91+
2017 Dry Riesling | 89
2017 Semi-Dry Riesling | 91
2015 Riesling | 90
2017 Dry Gewürztraminer Reserve | 90
2017 Gewürztraminer | 88
2018 Pinot Noir Rosé | 89
2018 Rosé d’Cabernet Franc | 89
2016 Pinot Noir Mariafeld Clone | 90
2015 Pinot Noir | 87
2014 Pinot Noir | 88+
2013 Pinot Noir | 89
2013 Pinot Noir Clone 7 | 89
2015 Cabernet Sauvignon | 87

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