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Shopping and Shipping

Quantity Discounts

McGregor Vineyard offers quantity-based discounts on all current wine releases. To receive the best discounts available consider joining the McGregor Wine Club. Wines designated as Library Selections are not eligible for discounts.

Standard Quantity Discounts:

  • 6+ bottles - 10% off
  • 12+ bottles - 15% off

Member Quantity Discounts

  • 10% off any wine purchase
  • 6+ bottles - 15% off
  • 12+ bottles - 20% off


Shipping Rates & Locations

We can ship to the states not greyed out on the map. Availability of shipping destinations is subject to change at any time and without notice. For more detailed inquiries please contact

Shipping Rates

Eastern United States
🍷 1-5 Bottles - $20
🍷 6-12 Bottles - $25

Western United States
🍷 1-5 Bottles - $35
🍷 6-12 Bottles - $50

Wine Shipping Resources

Every package that we ship must:

  1. Be sent to a location where a person over 21 years of age (with ID) can receive and sign for the package
  2. Be sent to a location where the person who receives it will be available. The shipment's delivery driver will attempt to deliver once per day, for three days. After these three delivery attempts, the package will be returned to the winery as undeliverable.
  3. Be received when the delivery driver arrives. The shipment's delivery driver can arrive at any time of the day, even if they give you a time estimate - the estimates are often very incorrect and McGregor does not advise you to plan your day around a specific delivery time estimate - if you are not present for that package that will still count as that day's delivery attempt.

How to create a reliable method for shipments

Send it to right place!

Believe it or not, your home is not always the most convenient or reliable delivery location. To avoid later trouble and possible charges it helps to plan ahead.

  1. Send it to your workplace - for most people, a workplace will always have somebody to conveniently receive packages. This is very helpful and reliable.
  2. Send it to a family member, friend, or neighbor. If you are not always home or your schedule can change, send it to someody else nearby who doesn't mind. You will always receive shipment tracking information that you can share with the recipient.
  3. Send it to a UPS Access Location. UPS has a very broad network of businesses ranging from large retail stores to small local shops that will allow you to have shipments sent to their location - for you to pick up at your convenience. These are especially good options for people who need to pick up packages in the evenings. You can visit and enter your address to search for a place that might be near your home or workplace. Anything not listed as a drop box will work. We can have any shipment sent there, including your club shipments!
  4. Add your cell phone number for package tracking text messages - know when your wines are coming. Click here to go to your profile, and add your mobile number. At "SMS Permission" choose "Opt In".

Please feel free to call or email us to start talking about your shipping arrangements and how we can help you make it better.

If you currently have an issue with a wine shipment

  • Do not contact the shipping carrier. Talk to us, we can help! Since McGregor is the shipper of the wine, we have more control and can much more easily use our resources and connections to help get your issue resolved.
  • Consider some options - some of the best solutions to consider are for us set up one of the following actions. Please note, there is a $15 fee to make adjustments to your shipment after it has left the winery.
    • Redirect your shipment to another address
    • Reschedule delivery for a different date
    • Hold your wine for pickup at your nearest shipping center
  • Contact us with your information below so we can get started finding you a solution.

Shipping Help
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