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2020 Saperavi Grand Reserve

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2020 Saperavi Grand Reserve

For a limited time you can buy our 2020 Saperavi Grand Reserve for $56 per bottle - that’s 30% off the retail price of $80 per bottle when you purchase through our special allocation offer. Order today, this opportunity ends August 5th

McGregor Vineyard Saperavi: America's first Saperavi.This new vintage is elegant with a youthful attitude/edge. Its aromatics are reminiscent of fresh brambles and black cherries entwined with savory sage, cocoa, cinnamon, and a slight smokiness. The wine is smooth on the palate with flavors of black raspberries, blackberries, and currants with a playful background of oak influences. The finish remains grippy…decant for 24 hours and the wine's richness shines, and it becomes soft and velvety on the palate. This vintage can easily cellar for at least a decade.

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A Saperavi Wine History

McGregor Vineyard is the first winery in the United States to release a wine produced from the grape and called Saperavi. Bob McGregor recognized the early potential of this varietal and drove its development, creating demand across the Finger Lakes and the United States for this incredible new wine possibility.

1971: Bob & Marge McGregor begin their vinifera vineyard by planting many varieties of vinifera grapevines - creating McGregor Vineyard

1980: The McGregor tasting room opens. Saperavi grapevines are planted that same year

1985: The McGregors release 1985 Saperavi - the very first Saperavi wine grown and produced in the United States

1991: The McGregors change the name of their Saperavi to Black Russian Red.

1992-2006: Black Russian Red becomes very in-demand, becoming the "cult favorite wine of the Finger Lakes" and is even voted "Most Interesting Finger Lakes Wine"

2007: The first Reserve bottling of Black Russian Red is produced, called "Black Russian Red 30 Month Barrel Reserve"

2013: McGregor Vineyard continues to explore, pushing the envelope by aging their Saperavi in oak for three full years to create "2013 Black Russian Red 36 Month Barrel Reserve"

2018: The McGregors retire the name Black Russian Red and the wine is once again called Saperavi.

2022: McGregor Vineyard has a Wine Club only release of the first in their "Grand Reserve" style with 2017 Saperavi Grand Reserve - a true showcasing of the possibilities of Finger Lakes red winemaking. The Grand Reserve style is crafted by aging Saperavi in a selection of oak barrels for at least 3 years.

2024: After several popular allocations, McGregor Vineyard introduces 2020 Saperavi Grand Reserve through the allocation program.