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The McGregor Wine Club

Wine Club members are an important part of the McGregor Vineyard family. In fact, Wine Club members are the very backbone to the success of McGregor Vineyard. The McGregor philosophy is rooted in building close relationships with the people who appreciate our wine.

The McGregor Wine Club is the foundation of these relationships. Many current members have been a part of this journey with us for 20, even 30 years! This kind of dedication is a testament to the success of founders Bob and Marge McGregor’s vision. In addition to joining our winery family, Wine Club members enjoy many other benefits:

Wine Club Details

  • You receive three bottles of McGregor wine, four times per year - including our very best wines like Saperavi and our Sparkling Wines. Three bottles each package is the minimum but you can build on as many bottles as you'd like for each club shipment.
  • Customize your Wine Club Shipment. If you have tastes for only reds, dry wines, other unique preferences -  you can make substitutions. If you see something you really like in the club shipment - go beyond the 3 bottle minimum.
  • No annual membership fee. The club billing is quarterly - 25% off the combined retail price of the club package wines. Check our newsletter archive to see what we've featured in past club shipments.
  • Choose to ship, or you can pick up. If you have your wines shipped we offer a discounted club pack flat rate of $15 (Eastern US) or $20 (Western US).
  • Additional wine discounts
    • 10% Discount on wine purchases
    • 6 + bottles: 15% discount
    • 12 + bottles: 20% discount  
  • Invitations to special events held at the winery, including the legendary Wine Club Picnic as well as Red and White Wine Barrel Tastings and many others
  • Access to limited releases and wine allocations
  • Free wine tastings for your group of up to 6 visitors

Club Packages are each year in February, May, August, and November.

Join the McGregor Wine Club

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the membership cost? 

We will automatically bill your card for three bottles of wine with a 25% discount from retail every 3 months. The membership is based your continuing "subscription" to these quarterly wine club releases. The price will vary somewhat depending on the wines we are featuring (or that you choose) at the time of each club shipment. As long as you keep your McGregor Wine Club wine subscription going, you receive full membership benefits.

What if I just want to try out the club? Am I locked into a contract?

No obligations. You can join or cancel anytime. Our members tend to remain in our wine club for quite some time.. you'll see why.

When do you ship my Wine Club Pack? Will I be charged for shipping?

We ship in the early/middle part of each month. This can depend of factors like our winery's schedule of events, holidays, weather, and the timing of wine availability. You will receive an email 2 weeks before we plan to ship your wine, at which time you can let us know if you need to reschedule.

There is a greatly discounted fee to ship, which depends on your location. For those residing in the Eastern US your club pack will ship for a flat $15. For the Western US club packs ship for $20. Of course you can elect to pick up your wines at no extra charge, and can change your pickup/ship preference anytime you'd like.

How do I make substitutions to my Wine Club Pack wines if I only like red wines, dry wines, etc?

We've got you covered. Once you receive your email to let you know we are preparing to ship, you can login to view the featured Wine Club Pack wines, and at that point you can make substitutions with the other options we provide. We always offer a variety of reds, whites, and rosé wines to suit whatever preference (or whim) you may have. Please note: Even if you plan to pick up your Wine Club Packs at the winery, you must submit your substitutions in advance.

What wines do you offer as featured Wine Club Packs?

We curate our featured Wine Club Packs to always showcase wines we think are going to show very well based on many factors, not limited to seasonal tastes, new releases, what's drinking well currently, and staff picks. You can see a history of what we have featured in our newsletter archive

What if I'll be on vacation when you ship my Wine Club Pack?

Just let us know and we can reschedule your shipment for a more convenient date. You can always reply to our email notifications and we can discuss when you will be able to receive your wine.

What if I have more questions?

GIve us a call! You can reach the McGregor team by calling (800) 272-0192 or via email at