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The McGregor Wine Club

Members of the McGregor Wine Club receive three (or more) bottles of our best wine, four times each year. We share our best wines with you through your club membership, and we even give you the chance to pick your own substitutions from our wine list offerings to suit your own taste.

Instead of an annual membership fee, you can remain a member of the McGregor Wine Club as long as you keep up your wine "subscription" with McGregor Vineyard. We will automatically bill your card for three bottles of wine with a 25% discount every 3 months. There is no additional membership fee.

As long as you keep your McGregor Wine Club wine subscription going, you receive full membership benefits such as free wine tasting, extra wine discounts, invitation to member only events (Annual Wine Club Picnic, Barrel Tastings, Pickup Parties) and member-only access to special wines, winery happenings, a website section, and our insider emails.

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Join the best wine club in the Finger Lakes. Featured club wines are released 4 times a year for pickup or shipping, and the tastings and good times are always on us. If you would prefer to receive red wines or certain styles, you can.

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Adopting a McGregor wine barrel is a great way to have direct influence in an important aspect of our winemaking process, as well as a great way to enjoy the finest wines that we produce. This membership is $1000 for a 5-year period. Learn More