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One of our very best Gewürztraminers to date. This vintage is very aromatic with aromas of pear and spicy crushed ginger dominating. The palate is rich and full with expressions of pear, ginger, white pepper and underlying notes of tropical fruit. Pair with summer barbecue, pork carnitas and spicy Thai dishes.

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This vintage of our dry styled Gewürztraminer is reminiscent of those produced in Alsace.  It is medium bodied and has intense aromas and flavors that remind one of honeydew melon, pear, ginger, white pepper and citrus peel. Produced from 35+ year old vines- some of the oldest Gewürztraminer plantings in the northeast USA.

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This is a beautiful and nuanced vintage of Gewürztraminer. Open a few hours before enjoying and enjoy a complexity of scents and flavors: pear, apple, pineapple, apricot, white pepper and ginger alongside some subtle floral character. The wine is weighty on the palate and leaves you with a long, lingering and delightful finish.

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This semi-dry Gewürz is full of spice and fruit character- pear and tropical fruits mingle on the palate with hints of fresh ginger.  Its sweetness is beautifully balanced with Finger Lakes acidity.  Great with Thai and Mexican fare, grilled bratwurst and spicy ribs.  Estate Grown

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