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Schedule a Group Tasting

McGregor Vineyard requires reservations for all groups of 10 or more visitors. Our group tasting appointments are available from winery open until 3pm. Our tasting is $10 per person, and includes 5 wines + a snack plate with samples of pesto spread, crackers, cheese, and chocolate.

If you would like to schedule a group visit to our winery, please read the following guidelines and submit your request below. Please be aware that this tasting request does not constitute a confirmed appointment until you have been contacted by McGregor Vineyard and submitted your payment.

We reserve and exercise the right to turn away unscheduled groups arriving at our winery, as well as any person or group who is unruly or visibly intoxicated. The winery staff has full discretion to refuse a tasting to any person even if a tasting fee has already been paid.

Additionally, McGregor Vineyard expects all visitors to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Provide valid government issued ID to show that each member of your group is at least 21 years of age.
  • Be courteous to all other visitors, and exercise appropriate noise control.
  • Refrain for consuming too much alcohol before your visit. Our staff has full discretion to refuse service to anybody they feel uncomfortable serving more alcohol to. We discourage consuming alcohol prior to your visit, and prohibit any consumption on our property.
  • Always be courteous & polite to your wine server. Ask questions!
  • Please arrive ready to learn, be interested in discussion, and prepared to buy wine for future enjoyment.

Group Tasting Request Form
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