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McGregor Vineyard
2019 Rkatsiteli

On sale through picnic week - receive 25% off per bottle of 2019 Rkatsiteli until October 30th

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2019 Rkatsiteli

McGregor Vineyard's Rkatsiteli is - year after year - one of our most exclusive and most highly popular wines. Our 2019 Rkatsiteli is no exception, with only 41 cases produced. So what to do with our newest release? We thought a 25% discount for this week's event would be a nice introduction.

A total of 0.73 tons of estate grown grapes was harvested on October 24, 2019 with 19.8 brix natural sugar, 10.8 g/l TA and a 2.99 pH.  The grapes were destemmed, pressed and inoculated with yeast.  A cool fermentation at 56-58 degrees lasted for 34 days.  The wine is cold and heat stabilized and filtered.  It has 12.4% alcohol, 9.8 g/l TA, a 2.86 pH and 1.75% residual sugar.  Approximately 41 cases.

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